Stigma Smashers

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Walk Team

Credit to Russell Transue for making this graphic!

Credit to Emma for making this graphic!

The “STIGMA SMASHERS” name was born when Hufsa, Team Captain, created a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Walk team. The idea of “stigma smashing” was related to channeling the Incredible Hulk’s anger into combating stigma. Instead of yelling “Hulk Smash,” however, we yell “STIGMA SMASH!” throughout the walk.

In our first year, 2014, our 30-person team painted ourselves green, proudly yelled “STIGMA SMASH!” after Hufsa shared instances of stigma through a megaphone, and raised over $6,000. We won the “Best New Team Captain” award on behalf of our team.

Since then, our team has grown to have over 50 members and raised about $20,000 for NAMI Orange County. We have been in the top 5 fundraising teams and even won Best Dressed Team.


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