If you watched my TEDx talk, you need to read this now

Forceful title I know, but this is important. I have gotten so much positive feedback for the talk I’ve done. “You’re inspirational, I can’t believe what you went through, you are so strong, you are making a difference, you are a model for recovery, thank you.” This is not to brag, this is to make a very important point.

If you felt that way, please do this: Channel those feelings of amazement, respect, and belief that you have for me into the people who are having mental health challenges AROUND you. Don’t just let me be the person that earns your respect.

If you’re a clinician who works with people with mental illness, take that belief in me and put it in the people you work with.

If your child is struggling with mental health challenges, take the hope you have from my talk and have utmost hope for your child.

If you yourself are in a low point, take any inspiration you have as a result of the talk and use it to inspire yourself.

I did this talk because I want people who are struggling to have hope that they can be better AND that the people around them believe in them, that they can get better.

Don’t let your hope end with me.

As I said in my talk, it doesn’t matter how bad things are: YOU. CAN. GET. BETTER. We need to support those who are struggling, and it starts with believing in them – the same way you believe in me.

One thought on “If you watched my TEDx talk, you need to read this now

  1. Kitt O'Malley says:

    Thank you, Hufsa. I must remind myself of this when I worry about my son. Keep hope! Let him know we believe in him. (Still, I nag. I mean, I AM a mother, after all…)

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