Mental Health Association Hope & Courage Award

Hello readers,

I won an award! Specifically, the Mental Health Association Hope & Courage Award in the Client category, which goes to the most impactful mental health advocate in Orange County who has received mental health services. Huge honor!

I didn’t expect to win, and apparently I sat there looking shocked for a few seconds. People had to tell me to stand up and walk onto the stage.

I also didn’t prepare much for a speech, which ended up with some Hufsa babbling (which is always awkward but very genuine too).

From my memory, my speech went something like this:

I didn’t prepare a speech because I didn’t think I would win, but I am honored to receive this award. This award really goes out to the people who have helped me in my recovery. This isn’t the Oscars, so I won’t list them, but I will say my mom is here in this room. (10 second ovation for my mother)

This award also goes out to the other nominees and to the people here. Everyone in this room helps individuals with mental health conditions find recovery and I am so thankful for all of you.

(turning to CEO) Do I have to talk more?

And then I was ushered off stage in my shocked state.


Never been so honored and complimented, so I revamped the website. Changed pictures, included new information, made sections more concise, and made the site MUCH more mobile friendly. Yay for Photoshop trials!

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