3 thoughts on “The Power of Work and Meaning on One’s Mental Health

  1. Diana B. says:

    I read your post on Every Mind Matters… Thank you for your willingness to share a piece of your journey. I remember when I was young I wanted to be a “Psychiatrist” (that was the only MH job I knew about at that time) – I think because I wanted to understand what was going on around me, how it affected me, and to learn what to do about it. I was surrounded by emotional instability and addiction, which had a fairly serious impact on my own outcomes.WORK was so helpful. Though I am not in the mental health field, focusing on something outside of myself, provided a layer of stability and balance. I have been granted measures of healing, and in turn, I try to share that in small moments with the hurting, when and where appropriate. We can all do something, even if it's small. Thank you for what you are doing.—Diana Baldwin


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